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Down in Brighton Town

Dec 5, 2015


I am not political as such Yet liberal to a point am I We all have our limits But down in Brighton town You can be anyone you want Nobody bats an eyelid This friendly place warm A smile here, a twinkle there Content your soul feels Full of eccentric people Creative juices flow Down […]

Modern World

Dec 5, 2015


*For all you working Mums out there who know the score and play the tune. You’re fabulous and are appreciated. The day starts before the sun rises Getting ready for the long day ahead She showers still yawning Wishing she were still in bed But breakfast to make for everyone Getting the kids ready for […]

I Become

Dec 4, 2015


I become what you dread in life Yet you fight me with an invisible knife! You slash at my heart with jealous glee Will you ever set our souls free? This cannot go on any more It is hitting me to the core Is it no wonder I look afar Somewhere I can rest my […]


Nov 14, 2015


Paris, the city of light and enlightenment The city of love and art Oh how we weep for the lost Those taken from the light Ripped from it in a horrendous way Peace and light over murderous hate The people won’t bow down to monsters! All stand as one All stand together Against the cowardly […]

Sit and Stare

Oct 20, 2015


So I sit and stare Melting away as if but a dream I sit and drift My life parts in a sieve Falling away Falling away I see you but you not me What can I say, But I dream I drift, flutter away spread as if a dream But you never see Oh I […]

Eternally Entwined

Oct 18, 2015


*For Hana and Russ. Congratulations my friends… Your destiny long since laid Your story long since written Your path set for eternal horizons A sunset and sunrise dance around your being Your souls eternally entwined Like roots growing from the earth Mother nature nurtures your love Embracing, protecting your hearts And then this long awaited […]


Oct 11, 2015


I see old dreams whisper of long ago But now they are rubbish in the wind blown Forgotten and taken far away Is it any wonder we wish the end this day? And yet we live in forlorn hope Give us a chance to tread tightrope To hold something close to the heart Before the […]

Parades and Banners

Oct 11, 2015


*The following is not about one group, but all who strive for equality but fail in their cause in the end through pushing those aside who they have tried to gain as allies in their cause. I’m not interested in your colour Your Sexuality Your politics Your parades and banners Your closed-nit groups Or your […]

Blood Moon

Sep 27, 2015


I have just watched the moon rise as if an illusion from my window in no time at all A blink of an eye! Full, fat and ready to go red! Blood Moon splits the sky across a canvass of blue black The artist a mad genius gone into overdrive People speak of foreboding Their […]

Something in the Stars

Sep 13, 2015


*I read my stars/horoscope today (I’m a Taurus and yes I know, they’re fanciful but I find that they sometimes help in my decisions on what I am already thinking anyway where those close to me cannot or will not help. Sometimes it takes a stranger to guide you to where you need to be […]