Modern World

Posted on Dec 5, 2015


*For all you working Mums out there who know the score and play the tune. You’re fabulous and are appreciated.

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The day starts before
the sun rises
Getting ready for the
long day ahead
She showers still
Wishing she were
still in bed

But breakfast to
make for everyone
Getting the kids
ready for school
Her husband dashes
Toast in mouth as
quick as cooked

The daily rush begins
the same
Never changing but
going fast
And then she too
goes to earn
A small crust
to keep afloat

Then she’s home
after collecting the kids
To do the same by
cooking meals
Tired is she
but this her life
No rest for the
wicked, at least not for her

Wars go on and
people die
The world keeps
spinning still
A memory or two
stored away
This the way of
the world

And the cycle begins
This the modern world
Oh for a lottery win
to take her away
The dreams keep her
For a road to madness

Never take a working
mum for granted
For she has dreams and
desires too
A break once in a while
would be nice
But a dream, but a
dream, but a dream…

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