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Shadows and Mist

Oct 1, 2013


The leaves fall and apples bob As bats fly flitting above And shadows and mist do play and dance As you turn a backwards glance Sure you are of being watched From outside your window, vegetable plot But shrug it off you do Putting it down to autumn blues But as you walk away Something […]

The Hanging Man

Sep 21, 2013


*So the dark autumn nights draw in and I thought I’d do a supernatural poem. I hope you like it? The children play by the woods just by the old executioners hood A tree said to be here he plied his trade and where legend was made But it’s the old house across the way […]


Jul 28, 2013


Screams, oh ye gods the screams! they ring in my mind forever it seems. The memories won’t leave me be of that battle I cannot be free I saw men hacked to death leaving families bereft As sword reigned down on all cutting a swathe like trees did fall I saw arms cut clean and […]

Raven’s Grave

Jul 3, 2013


Raven cawing, tapping stone whilst underneath claw bloodied bones Scratching, clawing to get out only the raven hears the shouts It’s eyes look on coldly without a care into the distance they do stare Ruffling feathers in darkening skies Soon it’ll go, off to fly It gulps a piece of meat blood falling from its […]

The Darkest Kiss

Jun 19, 2013


He sees her in the crowd somewhere amongst the rabble A calm among the noisy sounds of music and babble he’s in awe of her a beauty he has never seen In his soul she burns this woman from his dreams Then she turns to look his way directly at him now From across the […]

The Haunted Violinist

Jun 13, 2013


She plays a tune for a lost past into the shadows does it cast Reaching into the mists of time searching out that was lost, to find She plays to the moon and sea and the whispers of the trees Her tune carries across all life for all can hear the violins cries As her […]


May 2, 2013


The darkness descends on the forest up yonder Nothing moves or stirs A silence falls quickly and unnoticed over the canopy An eerie hush now rules A man and his dog stop and listen Turn tail and run For stories abound of the wood And what resides there A story as old as time of […]