The Corruptible Face of All

Posted on Apr 12, 2013


Carcassonne Hell painting courtesy of

Carcassonne Hell painting courtesy of

I think of humankind and how corruptible it has been
over a few millennia what father time has seen
Murder, pillage, rape and war all for power
for religion and money made by man lording in his tower

Yet we all follow the lead in blind faith
shadows of what we should be, like wraiths
We’re so used to being told what to do
mindless zombies we don’t have a clue

So much imagination exists in us all
but the power it can bring maybe our downfall?
Dangerous though it can be
it can be used to set us free

But as long as we have something that corrupts us
then we’ll be putty in their hands, swept under a brush
For we’re something that needs to be controlled
religion and money created in this human story told

Power over many has there always been
as soon as humankind learned to think
It’s dominance over the planet ensued
our downfall one day will come soon

Unless we learn to live without greed
and the human desire of false spiritual need
To control the planet to do with as it will
to lose its grip on us and the need to kill

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