The Drunken Rebel

Posted on Apr 12, 2013


He got drunk last week making an idiot of himself
Turned into something different, lost control of his mouth
He doesn’t give a damn anymore, even maybe life
He should be grateful, something’s gotta give

The rebel’s been released, but there’s no cause
The thought’s he has, no room for pause
Why should he worry, no-one cares
But every so often his heart tears

He’s fed up of being kind and caring to all
It set him up to be a damn fool
Why do people do this to him?
Why do they commit this awful sin?

All he wanted was to live a quiet life
With a good job, his own home, maybe a wife?
But people take everything they can from him
When he needs them, the ground becomes thin

So the drunken rebel he has now become
He’ll drink from evening till the rising sun
No-one will tell him what to do
For they’ll feel his wrath, this day they’ll rue

But deep down hidden away
He hopes to be saved someday
To find his dreams and become as one
Under a benevolent sun

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