The Lonely Observation

Posted on Apr 11, 2013


See the man walking alone in the street
Invisible is he to all he see’s or meets
His head bowed down, collar against the wind
No-one knows his story, disappears in the city din

Watch the girl sitting on the bench watching the world go by
To the outside world she seems okay but inside she cries
Alone she sits thinking of the past and the more recent
She needs help but won’t ask even though it makes sense

Observe the boy being dragged off by a security guard
He stole a couple a sweets, it wasn’t hard
But caught was he in a moments blunder
He cries, fearing his Fathers fists of thunder

Notice the little girl waiting outside her school
Alone and afraid to go home, who does she call?
Her marks and bruises covered to hide what has been done
For her there is no childhood, no friends or fun

Look at the old man sitting with his pint
A pack of crisps for his dog, he passes the time
Left alone is he as the regulars think he’s strange
If only they knew his story then opinions they would change

View the little old lady struggling with her bags
The kids down her road call her names like old hag
Little knowing all she has been through her long years
Her story would bring the most hardened criminal to tears

So next time you make an observation about someone
Know that there is more to them than can be sung
Keep an open mind to all you see and hear
Make sure you get all the facts clean and clear

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