Mother Nature’s Turn

Posted on Apr 11, 2013


Penguin Oil Spill courtesy of

Penguin Oil Spill courtesy of

One day soon long after we’re gone
After we’ve committed so many wrong’s
There will be a fury, a fire that will burn
For it will be mother nature’s turn

She will pay us back for all that we’ve done
No more bright life giving sun
She’ll choke us and deny what we need most
Fire will rage and human life will roast

Her anger will be pure, her rage unbound
Nowhere to hide, we’ll be found
For criminals are we of the highest order
We kill all we see, we delight in the slaughter

Natural & Man-made Destruction courtesy of

Natural & Man-made Destruction courtesy of

Unless we learn from our mistakes today
There may be a chance to fix and not slay
To clean up the mess caused by our greed
Raping the earth until it bleeds

But we need to work as one, a hard thing to do
Starting from the ground up, me and you
So write, scream and shout your voices loud
Side with mother nature, make her proud

Before it’s too late
And all is gone…

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