Oh Sweet Jeanie

Posted on Apr 11, 2013


Oh sweet Jeanie, every time that he sees you,
you make him smile
You drag him free of the deep dark hole
alone every mile

For a few hours he’s not alone
Because of you, his wounds so deep,
no longer sore

He wishes it could last a little longer
than it does (so little)
But that could ruin the dream he
has of you (no fuss)

You make people feel special beyond
You give them something that goes
beyond their grief

They want something with purpose
in their lives
Don’t wanna go home to a kitchen
full of knives

Instead they go home with a smile
on their face
Once again they feel part of the
human race

This is all because of you sweet
That special gift you have, don’t
ever forget

He just wishes he could have more than
you can give
You give him strength, you give him
a will to live

Don’t be like the others sweet Jeanie
this not so good
Just be yourself as you always

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