Dublin He Has Left

Posted on Nov 30, 2011


Born in 1928 in Dublin’s fair city
A child of six others was he
He ran bets for the workers of barges
From Guinness and others, a percentage his charges

St Patrick’s he was baptised in name
To a hard-working family he loved all his days
Close and loved they all were
Those memories clear, the recent a blur

Barely left his teens he crossed the water
For work he had to find, none at home this quarter
So to Wales he heads, building here and there
Then England’s expanse, he meets a woman fair

She the Welsh cook that keeps him fed all day
He the builder that sends home some of his pay
Eventually they marry, living in the ford of Herts
Where they have five kids, a girl at the start

Time passed by, his family in Ireland he misses
But boat and plane he took to see them, was bliss
One brother though to Australia he went
Not seen in years, but letters were sent

Then one day before eighty he turned
Sadly he died, his family learned
Much loved was this Dublin man
Who had to leave his beloved land

He hated the way his country was torn
It was a subject to him so sore
He despised the way his people killed
Without remorse children and women, not to feel

Now in heaven he does so rest
With his family and friends he missed
Whilst down below there are those left behind
Those he loved with a heart and soul not blind

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