St. Albans Blues

Posted on Nov 30, 2011


He thinks to the times of playful games
Those days of legend gone down in fame
Of falling in and out of pubs
With those friends he did so love

He met most of them behind a bar
Where he worked, sometimes hard
From the early days, crazy times
He went into the job totally blind

His first boss, an Irishman was he
From Waterford who loved his whiskey
He would share everything with him
The silver-haired fox, happy not grim

Friends he made to play those days
So much drink, those days did fade
Mostly girls who were mad
They were days to be had

A girl with black hair showed him the way
How to party, to drink all day
But upped and left one day so sad
Left him behind, no fun to be had

He had other friends who were there
So many stories he could share
Another from Waterford, fantastic is she
One so small, a mighty mouse is she

A few Irish he worked with and served
So much happiness, so much learned
But others from Britain’s green lands
Did he love, these friends not bland

They changed his life in so many ways
Once shy and quiet, his inner devil now plays
Two blondes, one a DJ came to join
With five other friends, his new toys

Scatty was one, she made him laugh
Another tall, he was just daft
One so dry in his humour he liked
Another crazy, who was so psyched

A friend from Dover, drinks does he
His partner in crime, was wild and free
But met a girl, sweet she is
His future wife. soon to be bliss

The days of Whisky with a farmer are gone
Those days are past into song
Some friends sadly not here anymore
Those so special, made it all worthwhile sure

Parties and madness did they enjoy
This was part of his employ
Those days he misses, he did lose
He’ll always have the St. Alban’s blues

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