Edinburgh’s Dream

Posted on Dec 1, 2011


Everytime he’s in Edinburgh, everything feels right
Whether in the day or even in the night
Even though cities are not his thing
The streets of old does something in him bring

The winding streets, the little wynds
In another time he feels he’s been
A past life he could’ve had
Maybe as an urchin or a soldier sad

From the top of the Royal Mile he does decree
He can see for miles from land to sea
This capital city, Scotland’s jewel
A canny place, few are fools

The castle rises high above, a view to see
The cityscape is below and far beholden is he
And new mixed with the old everywhere he looks
No justice does it do in all the books

Down the many steps up and down he walks
Through time and history that the past to him does talk
To be a part of something is all he wants
Even if he dies, a ghost he’ll be to haunt

So Edinburgh’s dream is not far off now
More than a holiday, this place he has found
Whence he’ll return, he knows soon it shall be
Then a new adventure he’ll live in and be free

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