Shooting Star Passing By

Posted on Nov 28, 2011


Walking home from work in the dark
Late it is, close to midnight
The job she hates a memory marked
Where she always has to fight

The same old thing she does each day
Monotonous boredom rules her life
No time for friends, no time for play
No-one to take to, in so to confide

She looks up into the cold clear sky
Stars twinkle like diamonds bright
Then she sees a shooting star passing by
She makes a wish on this cold starry night

Her wish she keeps to herself alone
Hoping for it to come true very soon
So she can escape for a new life to belong
New adventures to give her a boost

”Please she wishes, please come true
So much to do and so much to see
Fulfil my dreams whilst I’m young and in tune
With all and everything around me.”

To bed she goes wrapped up warm and happy
Dreaming of that star travelling far
Carrying her wish to a distant galaxy
She’ll keep that wish within her heart

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