Calm Before The Storm

Posted on Nov 28, 2011


Temper in check she walks away
Leaving it for another day
To calm down which she needs
Maybe she’ll buy herself a treat

Pushed too far by her partner
And that was just a starter
More to come as the day wears on
She goes to a friends, not home

The day ends as home she gets
Trepidation does in her set
Will he be asleep or awake
Asleep she hopes this late

In bed she gets and drifts off
In the land of nod
But the morning comes to her
And what the day may occur

It’s the calm before the storm
As her heart has been torn
She’ll fight this day she knows
For her anger it does grow

Lied has he about his last day
About where he’s been, nowt to say
She knows more to tell has he for her
But quiet he keeps, the storm will stir

And then he never comes home one night
A note he’s left saying he’s seen the light
He’s taken his things and nothing more
Her anger erupts, but knows not what for

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