Lost Moments Never Had

Posted on Nov 28, 2011


He thinks back twenty years past
To all he’s done, his mind does cast
All he’s seen and all that’s sad
To lost moments never had

Those that’ve passed to angels embrace
Ghosts of their memories left a trace
A child born months after one was taken
So much missed, these angels wings hasten

His own past he thinks of opportunity gone
Wishing to go back and correct the wrongs
But too late he knows to recapture those times
He sighs with sadness for what has passed, a crime

He walks in the cold winter gloom
Thinking of his future that he wants soon
So much has he been through in his time
Now he wishes for good things. all to be fine

Two friends he misses who inspired him so
But taken young, to heaven they had to go
Empty without them his life is
But he works on a dream, for that perfect bliss

Proud he’ll make them, his father too
All that have passed, he’ll achieve much soon
Happiness for him, he’ll hope they be
Wishing they were still here, still to be seen

So as he walks through the moor in winter crisp
The cold around his throat, he wraps against the mist
Those moments lost to time and gone for good
In his heart they reside as they always should

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