Left Behind

Posted on Nov 29, 2011


A dark and windy day she has off
No work today for her thank god
But typical, she thinks to herself
Wrapped up in her fleece she’s warmed

She thinks on her friends, their life
Happy and successful mostly they are
For her she’d like a piece, a slice
But out of reach this is so far

So much to see and do but never the time
Work takes up most of this
In her heart she knows all will be fine
She’ll achieve that perfect bliss

But for now she’s stuck in hardship
A slave to the system like so many
All she’s going through is just a blip
For her though she has time aplenty

Though young she is, time indeed does fly
And all she wants to do could pass her
Then she will be left behind
With regrets and memories that stir

Posted in: Poetry