Emotional Wreck

Posted on Nov 25, 2011


She wakes, the end of the week
So tired from all she’s been through
Drained physically, outlook bleak
An emotional wreck, same old tune

Pressures from work for a low wage
Bosses penny pinch, whips on slaves
Hard to talk to people and engage
No time for friendship, have to behave

Family too drains her dry
Taking from her time and money
Wishing away she could fly
This is never an option funny

Pressures from friends with truth and lies
She wonders where she stands
The frustrations come, eyes water, cries
In another country she wishes to land

She tries to think of those worse off
Those that have no homes or food
Human suffering, we all have the same blood
But her life in these thoughts does intrude

So how does she get out of this trap
That she finds herself in
What life can she map
What happiness can she find to bring?

Posted in: Poetry