Last Let Down

Posted on Nov 25, 2011


The rain lashes against the window pane
Heavy and hard, it drives him insane
He’s meant to be in sunny climes
Let down again, countless times

This keeps happening to him
Broken promises have been binned
He deals with it always
So much lost time, so many days

He throws a glass at the wall
He feels such a fool
Why do people do this to him
What crime has he committed, what sin?

Money lost and saved as he paces about
All he wants to do is scream and shout
Instead he picks up another glass
Pours a whiskey that never lasts

He’ll never been taken for a ride again
Never treated like a has been
He’s ready now to make changes anew
To show what he’s made of so very soon

He remembers when he was last let down
Never again will he drown
No more mistakes in trust will he make
As he’s ready to make that break

Posted in: Poetry