Everything Changed

Posted on Nov 21, 2011


Everything changed when she up and left
Leaving him down and bereft
She walked out on him for another
One of his friends, his spiritual brother

Anger, frustration, confusion reign
His soul dark, his heart full of pain
Why did it have to come at this moment
This not a gift from heaven-sent

He sits in his flat, drinking away
Phoned in sick at work, now no pay
His life turned upside down by betrayal
Everything insignificant, he feels he’s failed

For six years he was with her, happy years
Rarely an argument, rarely any tears
This is why it’s hard for him to understand
Why they did this to him, this nasty backhand

Friends have tried to help him out of it
To inspire and show him a world he does fit
But he doesn’t listen to all they say
He sits with curtains drawn, his darkest day

One day soon he’ll see the light
A future for him, a path that is bright
But blinded is he by betrayal and mistrust
Not seeing a way out, to do what he must

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