The Pack

Posted on Nov 20, 2011


They move as one through the tree’s
Weaving to and thro they pad, a need to feed
Their amber eyes forward, they look about
Listening for a noise, the air they also smell

Moving at a steady pace they keep alert and clear
Forced away from their den, man has been too near
So in search of a new den, away from man they run
From his ignorance and his traps and guns

Miles they have moved, stopping here and there
Their pack of six they have to care
Food the priority and a warm place to sleep
But dangerous grounds they’re in, the alpha has to lead

For three days and nights now they have moved
To a place by a river, a new den they found so soon
The alpha sniffs the air as does the pack
Everything seems right, nothing they think they lack

Fish they catch from the river to eat, hungry they are
Now they sit under the bright shining sun, away from man far
Before long, they have a den dug and ready for them all
Pups will be born soon, born to nature’s call

The time comes when the pups are born, far from mankind
Hidden in the forest, they’ll be hard to find
The night draws in as the pups are born to the pack as a whole
A full moon high above, they howl as one to its grateful awe

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