Adam Ant and the Good, The Mad, and The Lovely Posse Review, Oxford, November 17th 2011

Posted on Nov 21, 2011


I’ve been to see Adam Ant twice this year before the Oxford gig. Once in the IndigO2 in Greenwich, the other at Hard Rock Calling in July. Both were fantastic venues for him and he proved himself once again just how good a talent he is.
The Indigo2 is a small venue holding around 2400 people and when I went back in the spring of this year, it was pretty much full and the venue was stated as sold out.
As for the Hard Rock Calling venue in Hyde Park, London, well, that was going to be a hard place to fill up due to the entire line-up of the day. There’s a review of the weekend on here for you to look at if you wish.

So to the O2 Academy in the beautiful city of Oxford. Morse and Lewis country.
The Academy was known as the Zodiac from 1995-2007 and still is to the local people. The venue was refitted in ’95 and partly funded by a band you may have heard off called Radiohead who also filmed the video for Creep there. But in 2007 it became known as the Carling Academy Oxford, when the Academy Music Group brought the Zodiac, spending £3 million on a refurbishment job where it now attracts many a famous name as well as upcoming bands.

Adam Ant Live kindly taken and supplied by Adam Bowes

The Arctic Monkey’s, Biffy Clyro, Europe, Foals, Happy Monday’s, The Levellers, Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Plant, R.E.M. and Razorlight, have all played there at some point as well as many others.
The venue holds around 1350 people in total over three spaces for performances.
So 80’s legend Adam Ant was going to be in good company, as well as close to his fans at this venue.
I couldn’t wait to get there and see him for my third time and fourth in total.

We arrived there sadly a little late, having to be honest, got lost in Oxford’s hospitality, plus a little slow on our walk to the venue. We didn’t manage to catch Twinkle Twinkle’s set or Dressing For Pleasure’s either which I was gutted about to be honest, but it turned out that Dressing For Pleasure wasn’t actually there even though they were on our ticket. As for Poussez Posse’s set whom I’ve seen before and are brilliant, I would pay to see them again in their own show. There is something dirty about their music mixed with a seediness and fun that comes straight from the punk era, which of course is where Adam Ant started at the end of the seventies.
I had brought a friend, called Adam himself along, who was curious about his music and the legend, and being a drummer himself, wanted to see how the band worked how the two drum-kits fitted in to Antmusic.
So, there we were, a few drinks inside us and anticipating the main event to come and then with an intro coming from the speakers from Vince Taylor’s Rock N’ Roll Station, Adam Ant burst onto the stage in full pirate/highwayman regalia. The packed crowd went wild as he kicked off with his first track, Plastic Surgery snapped at the heels by the amazing Dog Eat Dog where the double drum-kits came into play.
Hit after hit followed in furious succession which included Beat My Guest, Kick!, Cartrouble, Zerox, Stand and Deliver, Puss n’ Boots, Kings of the Wild Frontier and Wonderful, which of course it was.

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse (Picture by Adam Bowes)

By now I was breathless from all the singing, or in my case, shouting out the words along with the rest of the crowd and Adam Ant himself. For a man closing in on sixty, he put a lot of younger types to shame with the start of this gig and he was only a quarter of the way through! I kept thinking to myself, ”he has that song to do, and that one, and that one…”
A few couples who were by us were loving every minute and we were all singing together, going crazy. I tried taking pictures but my camera phone died and worse, I lost the battery to the phone towards the end of the show. I made a mental note to buy myself a camera before the next gig.
Whip in my Valise and the brilliant Antmusic came on to rapturous applause. We were only a few feet away from the stage, just by the bar and was torn between moving the extra few feet closer or staying put. We did the latter as we had the best of both worlds where we were and after Goody Two Shoes and Vive Le Rock and a couple more tracks after, the band left the stage, ready for the encore to begin.
We were all shouting for him to come on, the electricity fizzing in the air, hairs on arms for the whole show so far and the sound of the drums still beating in our hearts.
Then suddenly he was back on pounding out Prince Charming to wild cheers. This was followed by another song called Red Scab, then off they went again. This we thought was it but no-one seemed to be moving and people were calling Adam’s name.
Then a few minutes later, he came back on belting out two T-Rex songs Get It On and 20th Century Boy finally followed by the amazing Physical (Your So).
The night ended as it started, With awe, amazement and sheer class from the entire band who excelled themselves.

The man is 57 years of age and looked and acted like someone half that with his performance and sheer energy which I wished I had. This tour has been going for about a year now and ends January time I believe but I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s back again on stage for his fans young and old.

I’ve been to a lot of gigs in my life, seeing U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Amy MacDonald, Michael Jackson, Manic Street Preachers, Bon Jovi and many, many more, but this blew me away. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with the Dandy Highwayman and his amazing band and I’ll continue to see them again and again.

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse taken by Adam Bowes

As for my friend who came along to see him for the first time, well, he too loved what he saw, so the Prince Charming has another new recruit and I’m sure if you’re stuck for a drummer, then my friend Adam would willingly oblige. Here’s to the new album out next year, scheduled for January I believe and is called Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar in Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter. Quite a mouthful eh? I’m sure it’s going to be a massive hit.

I can’t wait for the new album and to see Adam and the band again. Adam, You’re back and on fire. Be healthy and continue with what you do best. As for your band, They just get stronger and stronger.

The only problem I had was with the security inside and one of the barman who wouldn’t let me look for my phone battery and were very rude, well the ones inside were anyway, but that’s it really.

If you’re debating whether to go or not an are unsure, then take it from me, GO GO GO! You won’t regret it.
We had one fantastic night so thank you and see you again soon Adam!

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse taken by Adam Bowes

Set List:

Intro (Vince Taylor – Rock ‘n Roll Station)
Plastic Surgery
Dog Eat Dog
Beat My Guest
Ants Invasion
Stand and Deliver
Puss ‘n Boots
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Vince Taylor
Whip in My valise
B-Side Baby
Never Trust A Man (With Egg on his Face)

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse Taken by me at a previous gig

Goody Two Shoes
Vive le Rock
Christian D’or
Lady/Fall in
First Encore
Prince Charming
Red Scab
Second Encore
Get it On
20th Century Boy
Physical (You’re So)

Support Bands

Poussez Posse
Twinkle Twinkle

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