Words Unsaid

Posted on Nov 24, 2011


Sitting on her own waiting for him
Will he ever turn up?
She’s something to say, words unsaid again
At the important times they get stuck

This thing important she needs to say
Will it happen she wonders now
It’s clawing at her soul everyday
Put into words, does she how?

Time stands still for no-one
Before long it’ll be too late
She looks out at the sinking sun
What will be her fate?

The hands of the clock go by unseen
Passing before her unseeing eyes
She sits with her glass half empty
Oh how time flies

One hour, two goes by
As she sits alone
She wonders if she has the right night?
Should she use her phone?

Tick, tock, goes the clock
Another hour gone
She dials his number, phone unlocked
No answer again, is something wrong?

For weeks now she has needed to unload
This deep thing to say
But never a right moment, never alone
She just wants a moment, not a day

The sun has sunk like her heart
As she decides to walk home
She rubs her stomach, tears of hurt
As she thinks of one yet to come

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