This Darkest Day

Posted on Oct 30, 2011


Today he awoke into dark skies
Confused by time, oh how it flies
Groggy he stumbles out of bed
Into a waking world he’ll be instead

As the morning closes to an end
The darkness blocks the sun, can’t defend
So he moves about in a lethargic way
He’ll make the most of this darkest day

Then a child his way with smiles and delight
He has play in his eyes, his imagination runs riot
Suddenly the darkness leaves the elder man
This child has brightened him like the sun never can

A second even small kid comes along
This one babbles in her little wordless song
In a world she is of her own making
Playing away, her happiness is heartbreaking

So both these children play away
Their little voices an innocent grace
All the darkness now gone from the man
He looks to the rest of the day with a happy plan

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