Lost Opportunities

Posted on Oct 29, 2011


She enters a pub with a group of friends
One her partner she would defend
But as she sits and sips her drink
An eye she catches, straight she can’t think

The one she sees is of a man alone
Who sits reading a book, lost in his tome
She thinks of him and who he is
Wonders of his life and his beliefs

He’s nothing special to look at she thinks
Yet drawn to him she is, in his aura she sinks
There’s more to him than meets the eye
She wonders what makes him laugh, what makes him cry

Her boyfriend takes her out of her reverie
Lost for a moment, enthralled was she
She looks into the face of the one she’s with
Suddenly seeing that he’s nothing to give

What was she thinking when she hooked with him
Was it just boredom and his cheeky grin?
For as much as he is nice to her
Like arm candy she feels, her feelings now stir

She pretends to listen to what he says
Eyes though look at the mystery man, her mind does play
Will she have the courage to go over?
She knows she should, but she’s with another

She needs a few minutes to get him alone
To give him her number of her mobile phone
So then she can hear his voice
His words he speaks, this now her choice

But this could turn into a wasted moment
Lost in the mists of time, forever blown
So many do this all the time
Lost opportunities, Inside they cry

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