Truth, Lies and Inward Cries

Posted on Oct 2, 2011


He awakes with a promise yet again made
Truth, lies and inward cries they so fade
He wonders again why people lie to him so
How do they think that he doesn’t know?

They obviously think him stupid and weak
Because he doesn’t always his mind speak
But deep inside he bottles this up
Waiting for the time it will all erupt

He simply can’t understand why people lie
For him honesty until the day he shall die
But for others who are weak and insecure
The truth will out one day, says it in the clause

He’s been told so many in his past
Always a shadow do they cast
The past few weeks they’re building pace
How dare those people show him their face

Had enough now all he’s told
Leaves his blood running cold
These people gladly will take
As they do their promises they so make

It’s simple to say the words yes or no
Even though it can hurt some people so
All you do is say the words
Loud and clear so they’re heard

But when you keep quiet and say not a thing
Trouble will surely follow you, chaos will it bring
So simply be honest and tell no lies
Save yourself the hassle that your story implies

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