Who Are You To Criticize Me?

Posted on Oct 3, 2011


The man stares incredulous at his critic
Who’s just told him to get with it
Telling him how to live his life
He just stuck in the knife

Who the hell does he think he is
To tell him what to do, put him down like this
To make him feel small and weak
Angry is he now and ever so bleak

Where do people get off with criticizing
Those that are trying to fulfill dreams, die trying
To take a chance in fighting for their dreams
And all the happiness they hope it brings

Why do people bring others down
Is it because they themselves drown
In a world of boredom and nine to fives
Doing menial jobs and not living their lives

Finally the man has taken a stand long overdue
Instead of dreaming on on what he should do
His critic would never understand
He lives like other sheep, caught in quicksand

The man fights on like David and Goliath
Every shot from his catapult a stunning curve
That he learns from everytime in this quest
Where before he couldn’t breath, pressure in his chest

He now has a chance to achieve so much more
His dreams and desires are what he now fights for
Leaving all those he loves to fend for themselves
So he’ll never get old, left on the shelf

So who are you to criticize me he says
My life is not yours or are my days
So back in your box and leave him alone
His life’s been rough, cut to the bone

Never listen to those that pull you back
Putting you down to their level in a hole black
As a night of your darkest dreams again
No way you’ll going back there, fight and defend

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