The Dreaming Spires

Posted on Oct 2, 2011


As I walk through Oxford’s city streets
I feel the history in buildings I greet
As they rise up in wondrous views
This city has trod some well worn shoes

The university, the second oldest in the world
Second to Bologna in disputed age proud
1096 is a date Oxford university was formed
Although 825 it when it was supposed to have dawned

If this be the case then the oldest it would be
It’s just a shame it’s closed off to some, not free
But Oxford is a city I love with it’s dreaming spires
You feel you can achieve anything, to climb higher

From histories greats, fools and tyrants
And great writers like Tolkien and and Lawrence
Lewis and Dexter flow into one
Linked by a detective, Oxfords favourite son

So many famous names have passed through here
Some we boo and some we cheer
But to me it’s a place of old and new
A part of something you can feel as I do

Is this a place I could see out my days
Sitting in a garden, sun shining its rays
Maybe I could or maybe not, it all depends
On where my soul will fate to send

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