Dreams of Another Sunrise

Posted on Sep 30, 2011


The man he walks to work, another nine to five
Making merely pennies, paying off bills he can’t hide
He walks through the rush hour streets
People on mobiles, they walk with quick feet

The day he dreads with all his heart
Waking at five am, his day did start
The usual back-biting and pressure to come
He dreams of another sunrise, a different sun

The woman lies in bed and calls in sick
She’s had enough of her job, making her like this
Life to her is depressing and hard
She doesn’t want to end up in a graveyard

All she wants is a quiet life to be had
She’s done nothing evil, she’s not bad
Maybe she should move far away
As she dreams of another sunrise, another day

We all have this in common, dreaming away our days
Yet most of us never leave, trapped, no time to play
Bills, family life and other such things
As we dream of another sunrise and the new life it brings

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