Crash and Burn

Posted on Sep 30, 2011


Oh, again here we go
Telling stories already told
As I sit awaiting patiently
For you to buck up entirely

But as the days pass excuses you make
I’m unsure how much more can I take
You wonder why I get so frustrated
Never thinking these problems instigated

What I don’t understand is why?
Why you do this all the time
All I want is a straight answer
None of this where you are a dancer

For around me people do this like you
Thinking I’ll shrug it off and forget too
But I may forgive for the way I’m treated
I’ll never forget the havoc you meted

So where does this leave our friendship?
What’s the point if you continue to rip
That which is left is full of distrust
We both should do as we must

Loyalty and lies are mixed with you
A lot to learn, you have no clue
It’s your choice to grow and learn
Or for you you’ll crash and burn

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