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A Kinsale Ghost Story

Sep 17, 2012


Kinsale, County Cork, Éire October, 2011 Early Evening The young English tourist had been having a great day in the small picture perfect harbour town of Kinsale. He had eaten his meal in Jim Edwards bar and restaurant on the bar side with his girlfriend. They had a couple of drinks then she had decided […]

A Note To Whomever (A Short Story)

Jul 23, 2012


*The following story has since been rewritten to be published as a larger work. Details will follow. I’m tired. Tired of everything at the moment. My life is going nowhere as I sit and vegetate every single day, my brain turning to mush. I hope for rescue in some form for I have given up […]

The Ballywotsitmabob

May 31, 2012


Late one night he heard a sound Coming from the mansion grounds Not far from the woods he thought Maybe it was a poacher in a trap caught? But a funny sound did it make Like a fox and a chicken, the sound did grate So deciding to go see what it was he heard […]

Darkest Lust

May 28, 2012


The night draws in and with it the cold As everyone retires to their beds For one of them something will hold her between life and death For her dreams shall be nothing to this As the horrors of repressed nightmares will now surface Baring its all to her Long has it waited for this […]

Watcher in the Woods

May 24, 2012


She walks her dog one dreary night Let off its leash not far from sight Then old rover goes off on the woods She calls out for him from under her hood Then she hears a yelp from the trees Suddenly the dark comes so she can’t see Nerves rear their ugly head Fearing something […]

The Collector of Souls

May 19, 2012


The trees bend in the wind Creaking and groaning in the dark Whilst above the moon casts its rays Slivers shining through each branch Leaves blow around the trees Dancing in the moonbeam’s light Twisting, forming, becoming Something just out of sight A noise like a howl escapes From the twisting, dancing maelstrom Something other […]


Mar 13, 2012


**The following is about a scare story told to me and my family when we were kids. It used to scare the bejesus out of us when we were told about Fumph is coming if we were noisy or naughty or it thundered and so on. The pictures we had in our heads then! I’m […]