Watcher in the Woods

Posted on May 24, 2012


She walks her dog one dreary night
Let off its leash not far from sight
Then old rover goes off on the woods
She calls out for him from under her hood

Then she hears a yelp from the trees
Suddenly the dark comes so she can’t see
Nerves rear their ugly head
Fearing something akin to dread

Then she feels it on the back of her neck
As the hairs rise, again that dread
For she feels eyes upon her now
Coming from the woods, fear she has found

”Please oh god, let old rover be okay?”
Don’t let her fears do so betray
So courage anew she braves the woods
Wondering if she really should?

Then a second yelp comes her way
She can’t leave old rover to his fate
So off she goes, trepidation in her heart
Hoping that nothing will giver her a start

Closer she gets to the trees
Darkness inside, testing her beliefs
In she goes slowly at first
Whispering loudly hoping to be heard

Then she hears a crack and a snap
Something screeches, out flies a bat
She screams loudly then and calls out loud
Out then bounds her faithful hound

She jumps with fright as he leaps
Away from the wood and the secret it keeps
She runs after old rover relieved and scared
For the watcher in the woods she missed by a breadth

Posted in: Poetry, Short Stories