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A Cruel Fate by Lindsey Davis book review

Jan 13, 2016


The Storyline We start the story with a bookseller getting caught in the middle at the beginning of the English Civil War of 1642-1651, four months after the war started between the Roundheads and Cavaliers. Martin Watts is taken captive for trying to protect books from being burned and ends up in Oxford Castle gaol […]

Wrong Time, Wrong Place by Simon Kernick book review

Dec 27, 2015


The storyline Four friends meet up after a long time apart and go on holiday together in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands. The holiday is soon cut short upon the discovery of a young foreign girl running naked near their holiday cabin. They take her back to try and help her but she […]

Kraken by China Meiville book review

Dec 3, 2015


The Storyline Something strange has occurred at the British Museum of Natural History with a forty-foot specimen of a giant squid in formalin disappearing overnight without no-one seeing a thing. Also, a murder victim is found folded into a glass bottle much to the shock and horror of the investigators tasked to the case. A […]

Red Light by Graham Masterton (Katie Maguire: Book 3)

Sep 14, 2015


I read Red Light, the third in the Katie Maguire series by Graham Masterton a few short months back but have only just got around to reviewing it after pretty much giving up with what I have been reading after it and still have on my sideboard now. More on that in a later review […]

White Bones by Graham Masterton (Katie Maguire: Book 1)

May 31, 2015


White Bones is book one of the Katie Maguire series of crime novels set in the beautiful city of Cork and the surrounding county in the South West of Ireland featuring Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire pursuing extremely violent criminals who try to make her life harder than it already is. I stupidly started with book […]

Broken Angels by Graham Masterton (Katie Maguire: Book 2)

May 6, 2015


I first read Graham Masterton many years ago when his main genre was horror which he did very well indeed so it came as a surprise when a few weeks ago I came across something recent by him in the crime genre set in one of my favourite places in the world; County Cork in […]

Doctor Who: Ten Little Aliens by Stephen Cole book review

Apr 9, 2015


The first of eleven special edition books for the 50th anniversary, this story, written by Stephen Cole features the First Doctor as played by the brilliant William Hartnell who started it all almost fifty-two years ago with his companions Ben and Polly. It starts with the Tardis landing on an asteroid. There the Doctor and […]

The Strings of Murder by Oscar De Muriel (Frey & McGray: Book 1)

Apr 6, 2015


I picked this book up by chance from my local supermarket as sadly we have only one bookshop left, not including WHSmiths or the Works; the latter of which does not seem to sell new works, and it was the only place that I saw it for sale at the time. I was of course […]

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien book review

Apr 6, 2015


‘Oh no, not another review of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien,’ I hear you say. Yes, there are thousands out there and I am sure I shan’t be the last either but each book I read I will write a review of and this happens to be the one I have just finished recently a […]

The Wolf Within by Shaun Ellis

Jan 4, 2015


Let me start by saying that I was reluctant to read this book at first and had put it off for a few months before finally picking it up a few weeks ago. The reason I was reluctant to read it at this point in my life was because I knew that it was going […]