Wrong Time, Wrong Place by Simon Kernick book review

Posted on Dec 27, 2015


The storyline

Wrong Time Wrong Place by Simon Kernick Picture courtesy of http://www.simonkernick.com

Wrong Time Wrong Place by Simon Kernick
Picture courtesy of http://www.simonkernick.com

Four friends meet up after a long time apart and go on holiday together in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands.

The holiday is soon cut short upon the discovery of a young foreign girl running naked near their holiday cabin. They take her back to try and help her but she escapes when they realise that they are now being hunted by the people after the girl.

Very quickly they are cut down one by one leaving one of their number running for her life with seemingly no help and no idea where she is…

The Review

Wrong Time, Wrong Place by Simon Kernick is a short, sharp chase and slash story involving human trafficking, rape and murder.

I found that with this story it is not what you read but what you don’t where the perpetrators are concerned. You wonder who is in the shadows behind the story and if they will show up or get away with their horrendous crimes and if so how they got away with it for so long? The end is an ‘oh my god‘ moment and you shout at the book, hoping the characters will hear you. Stupid I know but it is something I often do when involved in something I like a lot.

The story does not paint a pretty picture of the Highlands as such, it becoming a dark and cold character in itself. As for the natives, you wonder if these sorts of people do exist and hope never to meet them on a sunny day, let alone a dark night but do not let that put you off from going up there. It is a beautiful place to visit and stay.

Whilst the story itself is not an original one I found myself lapping it up, all thirteen chapters and ninety-two pages of it in one brilliant breathless read.

These books come out yearly in the Quick Reads series aimed at those who struggle with novels, find it hard to read, have learning difficulties or just want a quick read to pass the time. I love them and usually find one out of the six released yearly. Many well-known writers sign up for it after a selection process and are very cheap to buy, usually around two pounds per book. I highly recommend buying them for yourself or someone who would appreciate a book in this form.

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Please buy from local bookshops and keep them and the High Street alive before all other considerations and if you have one of course.

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