Red Light by Graham Masterton (Katie Maguire: Book 3)

Posted on Sep 14, 2015


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Red Light by Graham Masterton
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I read Red Light, the third in the Katie Maguire series by Graham Masterton a few short months back but have only just got around to reviewing it after pretty much giving up with what I have been reading after it and still have on my sideboard now. More on that in a later review if I ever finish it, something I rarely do in putting a book away unfinished.

So, to the review.

We start with a young girl being found by an estate agent and his client with a dead body, his head blown away and his hands removed; the corpse full of maggots. It seems the girl is a prostitute and an illegal immigrant and she is very frightened indeed.

Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire is called onto the case and is horrified by what she discovers and finds it is linked to a pimp she has been trying to arrest for many years but who is always one step ahead of the law. Soon more bodies of those involved in prostitution, drugs and trafficking and the suspected boss of it all Michael Gerrety.

We find out who the killer is pretty quickly and why the crimes are being committed and also in the manner in which they are and the book becomes a cat and mouse game in which Katie Maguire must decide if she should allow the killings to continue; in doing so free the streets of criminals, or catch the killer before it gets out of control?

As ever with this series and Masterton’s books alone, the pace does not let up and you have to expect a lot of gore so you had better have a strong stomach. I found myself hoping the criminal dispensed with their brand of justice and got away with it but this book asks the question whether it is right to let a vigilante commit those crimes or help the criminals in which the vigilante is killing? In other words who does the law protect in our crazy world and what is the point in democracy if criminals can get away with all sorts of crimes because of legal technicalities and suchlike?

I loved this book and will continue with the whole series along with other writers I have become addicted to of late. This is the third in the series and the fourth is called Taken for the Dead is available from all good retailers.

If you have a strong stomach and like your crime in your face then this series is for you but you must start from book one as they follow Maguire’s life and career. I highly recommend them.

Please use libraries and bookshops on your local high street where possible, otherwise this is available everywhere online.

Buy, Read, Enjoy.

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