Doctor Who: A New Female Regeneration?

Posted on Sep 19, 2015


The Doctor and Clara in a promotional shot for series 35 (series 9 to newbies). Picture courtesy of the  BBC

The Doctor and Clara in a promotional shot for series 35 (series 9 to newbies).
Picture courtesy of the BBC

So, here we are again with everyone’s favourite time traveller, the Doctor and his companion Clara as they set about racing through time and space in the blue box that’s bigger on in the inside than on the out. Doctor Who series 9 looks set to be full of surprises and I for one only hope that they are of the good variety and there will be no rumoured regeneration for the Timelord into a female incarnation.

Capaldi has hinted at possibly leaving soon and has also said he would hope for a female Doctor, paving the way for it to happen. I for one hope not in both him leaving and the possible Doctor who regeneration for he has a long way to go yet in his story. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for women getting better and stronger roles as well as equal pay for equal work; after all it is the 21st century, not the 18th, and yet I find it ridiculous that the writers and producers want to change an iconic character that has always been male into a female version of our beloved Timelord. If the Doctor had always been female then I think I would feel the same way about her becoming male simply because you get used to a character the way it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

To put it quite simply I find it unnecessary to make this huge change for it will alter the dynamic of the character and the show in a way that will make it entirely different. In fact you may as well just do a spin-off with a different character who is a female Timelord that at times bumps into our Doctor on her own adventures. I have written down close to forty about a well established character who does just that.

Whilst spin-offs have not really worked out too much for Doctor Who and have been axed quite quickly, I do not think the same could be said for the one I have in my head for it would be different and yet in the same vein as Doctor Who but with a slight cross with another famous character from film which was not intentional on my part (the character was already there in part).


Artwork : Missy Returns by

I love Michele Gomez as an actress and think her fantastic but her character as Missy has already changed the show in her relationship with the Doctor and it makes me and many other fans feel uncomfortable in the way it is going. I do not have a problem with her playing a female Timelord at all; in fact I welcome it, but I do have a problem with the character being the Master, if indeed the Master it is for at the time of writing this it is not known where she comes from for the Master was trapped on Gallifrey when the eleventh regeneration (David Tennant) sent Gallifrey and Rassilon back from where they were trapped; unless of course he escaped at the end of Matt Smith‘s incarnation?

Whatever happens in this series it could change the face of Doctor Who forever and be the final nail in the coffin that could spell the end of the franchise for many more years to come, perhaps even forever? I sincerely hope that Steven Moffat and his crew do not make that mistake just because they can for I feel a female Doctor is being pushed on us whether we want one or not. Everyone I speak to from Kids to adults loves Gomez as an actress but is not too keen on the idea of her as the Master either so it came as a surprise when Moffat said that everyone loves the change?

Mmm… I do wonder on that and his sources as he does not do social media nowadays? He’s like a politician doing what he thinks best for people and be damned with them. I have nothing against Moffat’s writing and episodes for they are all usually brilliant, and yet I fear it will be like Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership race all over again; the man who may or may not kill the Labour Party.

The man who may or may not kill Doctor Who