Posted on Oct 17, 2014


Rain girl gazing

Picture courtesy of http://www.corbisimages.com

This cold October day she sits
gazing out of the window
Cold outside and
cold within
She asks herself will
it ever end
This endless cycle
of shivers

Thoughts tumble through
her mind
Rolling like an infernal
Lost is she in this rain
and hail
The drops roll down like tears
of desperation

Where does one go
from here
Is there a way to
be free
From this eternal
In her soul’s lost

Ways to escape come
and go
Snatched from her
grasp like
A lost waking
dream of
Never-ending hope
long lost

To believe in hope
and the faith
It so much requires
is a hard
And sometimes fruitless
But one has to believe
or the point is lost…

*First published October 11 2014 and re-edited 17th October 2014

Posted in: Poetry