Don’t Be A Sheep

Posted on Oct 17, 2014


His stinging eyes looking at picturesque skies
Wonders what’s beyond the clouds
Imagination runs wild, eyes like pies
Burning with dreams through the misty shroud

So much to do, so much to see
All he dreams of within his grasp
To fit it all in five lifetimes would he need
Hands would grip them like an iron clasp

No more waiting, he runs to the dream
His old life disappearing as fast as a blink
All will be as it should have been
No more life washed down the sink

All that wasted inspiration and lost life
Is now getting a chance to breathe
Once again reborn, the flame ignites
A phoenix lives with new eyes to see

So follow him to where your dreams lay
Escape the clutches of conformity
Don’t be a sheep wasting away
Be a wolf in mighty enormity…

*First published October 7th 2011 and rewritten 16th October 2014

Posted in: Poetry