Jackal’s All

Posted on Oct 13, 2014


Houses of Parliament by Darren Greenidge

Houses of Parliament by Darren Greenidge

The Tory blue have lost their way
The kippers are having their day
Rising from resentment they have
But they are just as bad

The Labour red have long moved left
Not listening to what’s been said
The Liberal’s only liberal themselves
The rest of us can burn in hell

Jackal’s all, they prey on the weak
Scavenging for what they seek
But they are all just the same
Different clothing, playing the same game

It’ll be us who will always fight
To put food and tables, keep warm tonight
Whilst they eat well with money to burn
Why do we all never learn?

It’s time we said no more, enough!
We’ve been pushed to the limits, drawn blood
Major changes need to be made for the best
The sooner the better at our behest

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