What Can It Be?

Posted on Oct 17, 2014


Girl thinking alone

Picture courtesy of hdwallpapers.lt

Why is her head the way it is
Thinking like this when she’s drunk
Now she’s sober, her head’s a mess
The pain intense, her heart sunk

What is it she needs to make it go away
To free her of what she feels each day
To soar the heights of a bird in the sky
So her soul can be released and not die

What is it she needs to be free?
What does she seek that she doesn’t see
How does she know if it’ll come
This invisible thing like a newborn son

She feels trapped in a net like fishes in the sea
Struggling against the masses of the fighting free
Drawn from the depths into the light
A trap has been set, still out of sight

Hurting the ones she loves the most
Turning into some sad lonely ghost
Lost her direction through loyalty and love
For her there will be no white dove

Why can’t she free herself of this feeling
Her soul ripped to pieces and peeling
Confused is she what to do, where to go
Bottled up feelings she’ll never show

Her anger at the world is immense right now
Every few years it rears its head with an ugly growl
Ranting and raving to all who’ll listen
Tearing apart the fabric of decision

Losing everything that’s true to her heart
Friends and family run from the start
Alone she feels in lost hope and tears
How does she confront all these fears…

*First published October 7th 2011 and re-edited 17th October 2014

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