Little Girl Lost

Posted on Oct 1, 2014


Sad Girl

Sad Girl
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The young woman sits and talks to her friend
Telling of her life she fights to defend
For although she has a successful career
Sometimes a price too high that costs her dear

She feels alone, friends far away
Family too that she misses day by day
Her heart breaks for the simple things
And all the happiness that they bring

But the simple things are hard fought
For a busy life is a soul easily bought
So what does one have to do
To fight for a happiness that’s long overdue

Sometimes she just wants to scream
Inside she’s bursting at the seams
She’s not asking for much, just some love
Which she feels is lacking as is fun

Even though she’s intelligent and has a heart of gold
She feels like a little girl lost, her dreams sold
Grappling for air, trying to breath
In an ocean she is sinking, lost her belief

Her friend though tries to put her at ease
For it breaks their heart to see her on her knees
This little girl lost, confused and sad
Money doesn’t buy back dreams that you had

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