The Lost Soldier

Posted on Sep 30, 2014


The Somme courtesy of

The Somme courtesy of

His heart beating in time with the bombs
He gets ready to jump over the trench of the Somme
Commanding officers and friends close by feel the same
As they prepare to play this dangerous game

Shaking with fear but ready to go
He tries to hide his emotions but they do show
Just turned nineteen he of the 38th
He feels this could be it, an early grave

The call comes to them all and over they go
A leek in his pocket, a reminder of home
Bullets and bombs all around him as he runs
Screaming as he charges fighting someone’s son

His comrades fall about him dead and injured
He stops to help one, did all he could
So he charges on red mist and confusion reign
He doesn’t feel the bullet rip into him, no pain

For the battle fury, the adrenaline is in him now
He sees nothing but the enemy in the field of hell
Suddenly he’s on the ground, face down in the mud
The rain lashes down, mingling with his blood

He sees his family in his minds eye
At home in the Welsh valley’s, he does cry
The futility of war never ceased to amaze him
Why mankind commits the ultimate sin?

He joined up to do what he felt was right
For freedom from tyranny, he was glad to fight
But none knew what this war would bring
This new modern war was a horrible thing

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