Glitter Girl

Posted on Sep 30, 2014


Glitter Girl

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In a darkened bar you shine
From my depths a glimmer climbs
Eyes a-dazzled by your presence
Your whole style was seductively meant

From the glitter of your dress
Figure hugging no less
Your hair as gold as the sun
Blinding beauty from which I’ll not run

To be lost in your embrace
And caress your angelic face
My fingers follow the line of you
This perfect body in which I’d lose

But with another, green eyed is he
From his insecurities you shan’t be free
But I’m a different kettle of fish
No shark will be served as your dish

And then you’re gone like a dream
A flash of light unsure I’ve seen
I wonder if I’ll see you again
I doubt it so I’ll dream instead

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