The Dreams of Craigie George

Posted on Oct 1, 2014


Lonely man courtesy of

Lonely man
courtesy of

Craigie George was a funny character
Around him life didn’t matter
Nothing was important, just light and breezy
He would drink the nights away, money was easy

He would stay out all night, sometimes gone for days
Often ending up with friends or strangers he stayed
He knew lots of people, friendly was he
People loved being around him, he they wanted to see

He was popular with all he came across
Loved by many, never a bad word at his cost
They came to him with many a problem to solve
Wise beyond his years they thought, they were sold

He would never turn down a problem, all that was asked from he
He just wanted to help all he could, set them all free
But they never asked him how he really was
Just in passing, polite, listening his curse

The dreams of craigie george were grand and pure
He knew he had to make them true for sure
Time was ticking as he approached an age
If he believed he would be that wise old sage

Then one day people asked way too much from him
Not trying to help his dreams, pushing him over the rim
They took his time and money, some slating his back
Finally he broke, he actually snapped

His dream was to move far away from all he knew
But deep down he believed this would start again too
Leaving though all he loved was the best thing
Because he needed happiness too and all that it could bring

Whether it’s in the mountains or by the sea
Maybe somewhere like an old ancient city
One day he just upped and left
leaving those he loved confused and bereft

So if you know someone like craigie george
Support them fully, know the score
For not everything is black and white
Sometimes you need to see deep, a second sight

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