Grain of Sand

Posted on Nov 11, 2013


Grain of Sand

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Your troubles are all I hear
anger used hiding your fears
Forgetting who and what you are
from humanity you are apart

A grain of sand is all we are
an infinite number like the stars
Eventually forgotten, forgotten already
nothing in your life seems steady

You’re angry at the world
with little understanding of what it’s about
Towing the line with many others
until their worlds blind and smother

Then all you are is a shadow
that hides in recesses low
Lost in the coldness of existence
from us all you are distant

I wonder if you shall ever be back
lost on a dangerous path, a dirty track
Losing your way a long time now
you make no-one really proud

You’re just a sheep to others ideals
you’ve lost sense of what’s real
All I feel is pity for you
and the soul you’ve lost so true

Just a grain of sand you are
like a billion billion stars
You could be so much more
but you’ve forgotten what life is for

You’ve forgotten what life is for…

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