Black Heart, Black as Night

Posted on Nov 11, 2013


Sadness of Hate

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Black heart, black as night
why do you with all fight?
Hate worn on your sleeve
for none there is no reprieve

Blame you have for modern man
for crimes of the past by others hands
Yet without them you may not be hear
maybe this is what you secretly fear?

Racism and hate are the enemy of us
that boils many a blood
Eventually this will eat your soul
leading to a misguided life in a darkened hole

Forgiveness and love is a way out
as well as education, not screams, rants and shouts
Listen to those who know best
Not false prophets who lie with zest

Oh how we pity you all
drinking in the madness of fools
Who tell you what to believe
the truth blinded from you, you never see

Black heart, black as night
I hope one day you see with clearer sight
And not with the madness of sheep
I pray you your soul to keep…

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