The Fallen

Posted on Nov 11, 2013


The bullets fly past
some hitting their mark
As many fall in the mud
mingled with their blood

Cries go unheard
as the horror continues unperturbed
Men wild-eyed and confused
wondering their lives will they lose?

BOOM! goes a shell
so close in this hell
As two run forwards together
none shall get the white feather

Another behind is shot
by one of their own lot
For refusing to fight, he froze
shell-shocked was this ghost

Nineteen was he
twenty he’ll not see
As the madness continues on
on the battlefield of the Western Front

Then the two hear it
like an angel in the wind
‘It’s over, it’s over,’ it says
as they carry on this maddening day

Again the voice carries through
to both these men of twenty-two
‘The war is over, is over,’ it says again
as a bullet strikes one in the head

An hour later they sit in the mud
looking and shaking their heads above
As the armistice is signed for peace
the fallen shall never again home see

*For all who fought in the Great War of 1914-1918. You shall always be remembered and honoured.

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