Posted on Jul 7, 2013



Andy Murray, Wimbledon Champion 2013.
Picture courtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Gladiators to the court
battles won and hard-fought
Now only two remain
this is no ordinary game

So on they walk
to rapturous applause
Weapons drawn
like gunfighters at dawn

The court is buzzing with expectation
waiting in anticipation
Hoping to end years of pain
and for a home-grown reign

Then it starts, battle commenced
balls like bullets sent
One shocked by determination and grit
as the other continues to hard hit

And then the moment finally comes
staring down the line under a relentless sun
Serving for the trophy
and all the long-awaited glory

BAM!, he’s done it! To a delighted crowd
drowned out by a rapturous sound
As happy tears around do flow
and a smile from the champion wider grows

Seventy-seven years of wait demolished
and all hope with it abolished
Well done our British champ
our hero proud from all camps

Our Braveheart, British made
our Scotland the Brave/em>

*Well done Andy Murray on his glorious, stunning win at the greatest tournament in the world that is Wimbledon. May he enjoy the glory and all that comes with it. We’re all proud.

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