In His Head

Posted on Jul 12, 2013


Lonely Old Man

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The old man drifts on through
noticed by far too few
Lost his way so long ago
his health, his mind did he blow

His clothes dirty, he shuffles past
as people avert their eyes, downcast
Not wishing to know his life
they couldn’t care if he lived or died

Excuses are made, lost are we
our goodwill gone with belief
But does anyone know what’s in his head?
if only they would listen to his words said

But alone he always seems to be
his rubber face people don’t wish to see
But the eye that disturbs them so
they look so far apart from us, lost in long ago

Does he have family who visit his home?
or does he sit there all quiet and alone?
So many out there that live like this
that you wonder if they’re ever missed?

And so he staggers on by as always
as he does every single day
Avoided by many, a nod by a few
this man lost to me and you…

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