To the Death!

Posted on Jul 3, 2013


Nelson and Battle of Trafalgar

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BOOM! goes the cannon
deafening ears
Smoke in eyes
shedding tears
Screams all around
and cries of battle
Blood is spilled
the odd death rattle

A hero looks on
rallies his men
As he feels fury
for those that are dead
He’ll fight on
in their name
Lest they all fall
to a watery grave

Ah sweet Rose
a sailor thinks
Worried his ship
may yet sink
But he has faith
in his Lord
Not from above
but the one on board

‘To the Death!’ they scream
‘To the Death!’
They’ll not give in
for England expects…

*There are many sites and more about the Battle of Trafalgar so I’ll give you a small selection to look at should you wish to.

And for all things HMS Victory and British Navy go to the following:

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