Posted on Jun 22, 2013


Raw Pain

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Pain destroys, tears, repairs
pain the only certainty in life
Will never let you down
always there, always there

Friends and family should be there
they’re the ones who should care
But pain is a personal thing
heartache it always brings

This naked raw emotion reaches inside
so deep that there is nowhere to hide
You just want to scream and yell out
but no-one will really hear your shouts

Pain a dark companion following always
twisting the knife all your days
All that can be done is to avoid her
otherwise her wrath you’ll incur

Sometimes though pain can be embraced
as a poet or musician does so to face
All that it does and all that it can
turning the bad into a positive plan

This the attitude that should be used
turning negatives to positives, to good use
Never fall in her nasty little traps
or you’ll always have those mishaps

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