Cold Sun

Posted on Jun 19, 2013


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She sits under a cold sun
on a swing in a park
Her week isn’t fun
her life turned a little dark

All she wants is a home
where she can be free
One to call her own
where she can be left be

A job too that she loves
one that is a joy
But job choice not enough
no-one wants to employ

Stuck in a dingy room
alone and lost
Faith in good things soon
but worries at what cost

Harder it is day by day
to believe in anything
Cards have dealt her fate
what will it her bring?

She swings back and forth
to and fro from good and bad
Cutting into her soul with a saw
just out of reach, this life to be had

Water wells up in her eyes
the swing empty as she walks away
She does all she can, she tries
as birds circle, this cold sun will have its day

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